Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded



I need to share this palette with you guys, such a beauty!!

This is the Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette. So beautiful.

I got mine at Sephora (Lisbon) and of all the Vice Palettes this is for sure one of my favourites.

For what I know is limited edition, but I saw a few of them here in the UK on Urban Decay counters and I am sure you can get it online as well.

It comes with the standard 20 eye shades and the quality is super as with all Urban Decay palettes. I love how the selection of colours is perfect for a glam look or a more day to day makeup look. My favourite eyeshadow colour is for sure “Gash” a deep wine red colour that is amazing for a dark sultry sexy evening look. I also love “twice baked”, such an amazing brown with a little bit of shimmer and of course “midnight cowboy” a beautiful highlight champagne colour with a bit of peachy. Absolutely stunning.

The quality of these shadows are amazing, they blend so easily.


Here is the look I did using “Gash” as my main colour, I adore how it came out and the look got sultry and so sexy for an evening look.

I will be uploading a tutorial on my Youtube channel very soon.

Overall, this is for sure an amazing palette and I truly recommend. Urban Decay almost never fails isn’t it?


Love always…


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