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topshop highligther


Have you ever been completely obsessed with a product? Exactly, that is how I am feeling!

Let me introduce you to the Topshop Highlighter in Horizon, a stunning rose gold illuminator that keeps you glowing for decades.

I am seriously addicted to this highlighter, is a beautiful metallic rose gold type of shade that blends so well into the skin and looks a little bit shiny, and a little bit wet and a tiny bit metallic, is just gorgeous.

topshop iluminador peles negras

topshop iluminador

Two things I love about this Topshop highlighter is that it looks like a perfect mixture of bronze and gold with a bit of peach and rose, which is so beautiful; and the second thing I also love about this highlighter is that it does not have any glitter at all, is just pure shine goodness and juiciness.

And last but not least, because this highlighter is a little bit deeper in tone, is perfect for darker skin tone women who struggle to find a beautiful highlighter suitable for their skin tone.

topshop highligther dark skin

If you are near a Topshop please give it a try, it is so soft to the touch and an absolute gem.

You can get it here

Love always…




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