The “Baking” Powder – Ben Nye Banana Powder


This weekend I took some time off and went through my powder’s makeup drawer. I realized I’ve never done a blog post about the Ben Nye Banana Powder, although this is my favourite and my go to powder to highlight underneath the eyes to achieve that highlighted bright effect, I use it so often that I sometimes do take it for granted.

The reality is, this is a great powder, great to apply as a primer all over the face to control oily skin, and help your makeup to last longer, and also great to apply underneath the eye are for that highlighted affect that looks great with a bold eye makeup for an evening look.

This Ben Nye Banana Powder is so fine and “powdery” that is perfect to use as a setting powder all over the face also.

I love that a little bit of it goes a long way, and because of its yellow tint is great to be used on all skin tones.

Now, I’m sure you have heard about “Baking” right? Well baking is basically using a powder (any powder but for medium to dark skin tone the banana powder is fantastic) and set your highlighted parts of the face with the powder and let it “cook” for a few minutes. Once the powder has “baked” into your face, you can use a brush to dust it all off and you are done. The reason why we do this is because, letting the powder into the skin for a little longer will give you that highlighted effect and will make sure your products will last so much longer on the skin as well.

Ben Nye has a beautiful selection of powders that work beautiful on the skin in person and in photograph.

Have you ever tried the Ben Nye Banana Powder?

Love always…


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