Ricosti Matte Liquid Lipstick


Hey Ladies!

I have been willing to try these Brazilian liquid matte lipsticks for so long, these are the Ricosti liquid matte. You know I cannot be far from a liquid matte lipstick and I am so happy i have tried these ones.

I have them in three colours, a bright fuchsia, a brown and more raspberry type of colour. These are beautiful, they are super pigmented, very comfortable on the lips, they blend well, but I did not feel my lips dry even for a second. The best of it all, they really are super long lasting. If you ever used Sephora matte liquid lipsticks, these Ricosti do feel a bit similar to the Sephora ones.

Ricosti is an amazing brand with such beautiful products and I cannot wait to try more from them.


This beautiful brown is called Cacau



Which one is your favourite?

Love always…

Helena Cesar

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