Airbrush Skin – Tips and Tricks


Hi Ladies!

I have done a beautiful video a few weeks ago on my Youtube channel (link here), where I gave some tips and tricks on how to prepare your skin with a flawless beautiful airbrush effect. I have been using this technique in almost every video, every picture I have been taking, and let me tell you I am loving it!

Here is some of the steps:

– Apply your moisturiser and primer as usual

– Apply your foundation, concealer and contour (all your cream products)

– Set your foundation and the highlighted areas with a loose setting powder

Now, to achieve a beautiful flawless airbrush effect to the skin use a large fluffy kabuki brush and a loose powder, or a setting powder that matches your skin tone.

– Apply powder on the kabuki brush and with circular motions you gently buff the powder into the skin, simple as that. Is all about creating a gentle buffing motion where a powder will blend into the foundation, and the end result is a beautiful flawless skin effect.

– After that, apply your regular bronzer, blush and highlighter as you would and your look is done.

– To blend all that powder into the skin, apply a setting spray so that the end result is a flawless effect that does not look like you have applied loads of powders on the face


I truly love this technique, it gives the most flawless skin that looks so perfect and at the same time so natural. It is perfect for pictures and videos and of course selfies!!

Hope you enjoy my tips on how to get a beautiful flawless/airbrush skin, if you have any tips on how you prepare your skin, please so share on the comments below.

Love always…



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