BH Cosmetics Brush Kit Review

  Of all these years having a blog, I have only reviewed a brush kit once before and it was from my favourite brand Zoeva. Now, this BH Cosmetics brush kit is so beautiful ladies, pink with black polka dots (who doesn’t love that) it also looks firm and strong in quality, thus it comes … Continued

BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer

Ladies, You know I love to bring you amazing products with excellent prices right? Well, this is another one of those. These are the BH Cosmetics eyeshadow primers, to prime your eyes prior to applying eyeshadow. These primers are absolutely amazing! They are super similar to the MAC paint pot eye primers but of course so much … Continued

LA Girl Pro Concealer for Dark Skin

If there is one item you always see me using, is without a doubt these LA Girls Pro Concealers, I have been using them for the past year, and they are my absolutely favourite, I even use more often than I use the MAC Pro Longwear concealers and they last so much longer. What I … Continued

Makeup Essentials I Love

  Ladies, Makeup essentials and minimal has been my thing lately, not sure if it is because of the new coloured red hair or what, but I’m really over dark bold makeup looks, and really into clean fresh makeup looks these days. Avoiding foundations has been my first aim, instead, I have been using Bourjois Radiance … Continued

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Review

  Ladies, This is the Shea Moisture African Black Soap. I will try to make this super short and sweet, this is the best soap to wash and clean your face. I have been using Shea Moisture hair products for a long time, but never tried the skincare or bodycare products. Blessed the day I … Continued

Kiko Milani Creamy Colour Lip Liner

  Hi Ladies, Don’t you just love when you find a great affordable product? I sure do. I have been using these Kiko Milani Creamy Colour Lip Liner and they are absolutely amazing. They have a huge colour selection, the price is super affordable, but the best part is that, they apply super creamy on … Continued

Stila Stay All Day Foundation

  Looking for a “perfect” foundation is quite similar to finding the perfect man, really! Everything is important, the packaging, the character, longevity, and then we need to try to see how it works with us. I mean… well, that is why I am here, I really want to try a few foundations for you … Continued

How to Conceal Dark Circles on Dark Skin

  HI Ladies, Say Hello to my beautiful friend Candida! I have been willing to do a makeup on her for such a long time. Candida is gorgeous, but she does suffer a lot with deep dark circles and i really wanted to put my hands on her. The secret is simple and the key … Continued

Contour and Highlight Tutorial

  Hi Ladies, It did took me a while to finally upload this video. Contour has been everywhere for the last year, and I do have a love/hate relationship with contour and highlight. I do love the technique of course, as a make-up artist, contour and highlight is everything, playing with shadows and bringing forward … Continued

Gold Glitter Eyeliner

Hi Ladies! Well, I’m back from food coma, hope you are too. Christmas and New Year are one of the best times of the year, you literally have an excuse to eat as much as you like, and not feeling guilty about it. Who doesn’t love that? But, as much as I love Christmas, I … Continued

Gold Glitter Party Makeup

Hi Ladies, This was one of my looks for New Year’s Eve! I love glitter and I just wish i could wear glitter every single day of the week, life would be so much fun wouldn’t it? Anyways, while that is not possible yet, I have done this look and recorded for my Youtube channel. … Continued

One Eyeshadow look

Truth is we do not always have time to apply 3 eyeshadows and blend for 30min. This is why crème eyeshadows are so handy. It is so easy to apply, to blend and the outcome looks like you’ve put lots of effort into it. For those days that i don’t have any time to apply … Continued