New Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Shades

sleek matte me


Ladies, I am back! I am so happy to be back and finally be able to upload on my blog again. I was out for almost a month, I travelled to Mozambique, I was in Maputo and Beira, had the time of my life (Images coming soon) but, is time to work!

I cannot even lie, first thing I did when I landed to London was to visit Superdrug, I went straight to Sleek Makeup (I adore that brand) and got some new shades of the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks line.

If you have never tried Sleek Matte Me lipsticks, they are basically liquid lipsticks that dry completely matte on the lips and are super long wearing.

sleek matte me shabby chic lipstick matte

sleek matte me shabby chic

sleek shabby chic matte me

This is one of the new shades called Shabby Chic

It is a gorgeous muted pink shade that looks amazing on every skin tone, it’s soft but at the same time adds that beautiful pink coloured lips that are perfect for spring time.

sleek velvet slipper

sleek matte me velvet slipper matte lipstick

Sleek makeup matte me velvet slipper

WOW I absolutely love this shade, this is the one called Velvet Slipper.

It applies a lot darker on the lips than on the tube, but anyways this colour is to die for!


sleek matte me vino tinto

sleek matte me vino tinto matte lip

The ultimate deep red/burgundy lip, this is Vino Tinto.

Aww my heart smiles when I see this colour on my lips, is such a pick me up/feel good type of shade, is absolutely stunning on every skin tone and makes me feel so sexy! I love it!

sleek matte me new shades on dark skin tone

These are all the shades I got from Sleek Matte Me lipsticks ladies, I am so happy with my purchases and I totally recommend them, in case you are looking for new matte liquid lipsticks, you have to give these ones a try.

You can get Sleek Makeup online here

Love always…

Helena Cesar

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