Loose Powders Colour or no Colour?

loose powders with colour and no colour


Powders can sometimes be quite tricky, they can be difficult to choose, to find the right colours… trust me I understand.

Good news is, with the advance of technology powders are not the same as 10 years ago, they are so much better now, super fine, less “powdery” so much better overall.

Loose powders tend to be my favourite, they can be a tiny bit messy but I do enjoy working with them and I find easier to control the application on the skin.

Which type of loose powders do you prefer? Translucent or coloured powders?

I prefer to have them both, I see benefits on both of them.

loose powders translucent

loose powders clear

loose powders no colour

Translucent powders

– very fine and easy to apply

– do not add coverage

– great to mattify the skin

– Some can provide a white cast to the skin

– Some are not suitable for very dark skin tone

loose powders

loose powders with colour

loose powders with colour dark

Coloured Powders

– A bit dense because they have colour

– Can look a little bit heavier on the skin

– Apart from colour they also add coverage

– Because of the colour they are suitable for different skin tone

loose powders with colour and no colour

Both powders are great for setting your makeup, but if you only want to set your foundation and mattify your skin, translucent powders are the best. If you want to set your foundation and add some colour at the same time, maybe coloured powders will work better for you.

I love both, but coloured powders tend to look a tiny heavy on the skin, and translucent powders most of the time are not always translucent.

What do you prefer?

Loose powders with or without colour?

Love always…


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