Angolan Bloggers at Angola Fashion Week


Hi Ladies, I’m back!

By now you all know I was invited to travel to Angola (my home country) and attend the Angola Fashion Week in Luanda on the 23rd, 24th and 25th June.

Wow! What an amazing experience.

Here is a little bit of my experience with a few beautiful pictures.


Me and Fashion Angolan Blogger Ukai Ndame from Ladylykme at the press conference event




The Angolan Blogger team with Claudia Mittler from Angolan Blogger




These pictures were taken on the day before the event. We came all together to the place were the Angola Fashion Week would be and started the set up for the next day


The whole set up of the event was really beautiful. The room was not huge but large enough to all of us.

The decoration was gorgeous… lovely job by the Angola Fashion Week team.



I absolutely loved these men suit collection by Panziu’ss



Chelsy Shantel was an amazing perform half way through the event


David Tlale are from South Africa and I had the pleasure to meet them personally. Their collection is beautiful and our gorgeous “Angolan Diamond” Maria Borges wore a stunning black dress by their collection which was breathtaking.

afw soraya da piedade

Soraya da Piedade can never do it wrong, she is amazing. Her collection “Bantu” was feminine, delicate, romantic and super glamorous.

awf fiu negru

And Fiu Negru came right through and closed down the show. Such a beautiful detailed collection with beautiful black dresses and some strong pop of colours also.

Mariangela Almeida is a star, her collection shows her attention to detail, and how powerful her dresses are. I absolutely loved!


afw selfie

Angola Fashion Week AfterParty night!

I met so many amazing people on my trip, I was able to meet some Angolan bloggers from all over the world, designers, models and people from all backgrounds that were so kind and gentle. Once again thanks to the Director of the Angola Fashion Week and to the Angolan Bloggers team and Claudia Mittler for this amazing opportunity.

Love always…


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